I want to see if this works!

About quiall

I am a woman with a mission: to live life to the fullest. I will not let an itty, bitty incurable disease stop me. It may slow me down but like a ship dragging an anchor, I'll get there eventually. Walk with me at www.butterflysand.com
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24 Responses to Testing

  1. Sorryless says:

    Are you using Block?

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  2. I’m not sure what you were testing, but I got a notification.

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    • quiall says:

      It’s the new &*()@#$ Editor. I am trying to go back to my old Classic and it spit me out here. Sigh, I hate change. Sorry.

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      • I don’t like the new editor either. They don’t have the ‘use classic’ button anymore? I was afraid they’d take that away. The new editor is stupid. I don’t write in blocks. I haven’t blogged in months so I haven’t kept up with the updates.

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      • I deleted my Twitter and my Facebook page, too. I have nothing new to say, and when I’m not working, I’m playing my bass, reading, or learning a new language. Blogging wasn’t a priority.

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      • quiall says:

        If you ever decide to come back, this is how to get back to Classic: “Go to My Sites – WP Admin – All Posts – then go to the top of the page – Posts – Add New drop down bar – Classic Editor.


  3. Sheryl says:

    I can’t get the hang of the block editor either. I’m still using the classic editor – though realize that I’ll probably be forced to change at some point.

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  4. aFrankAngle says:

    I used the Classic Editor for years. WP gave me the impression that it would either be phased out or at least go unserviced. So with the new blog, I have tiptoed into the block editor. Frustrating at first – but I’m slowly getting it. Hang in there!

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  5. Prior... says:

    Just wanted to say that your avatar leads us here


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